:space_invader: V password validator

Simple password validator using raw entropy values, written in V .

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Heavily influenced by go-password-validator


Install using V 's builtin vpm :

v install xy3.passvalid

Install using git :

cd path/to/your/project
git clone

Then in the wherever you want to use it:

import xy3.passvalid

And that's it!


🚀 Quick Start

import xy3.passvalid

fn main(){
    entropy := passvalid.get_entropy("a longer password")
    // entropy is a f64, representing the strength in base 2 (bits)

    min_entropy_bits := 60
    passvalid.validate("some password", min_entropy_bits) or { panic(err) }
    // if the password has enough entropy, nothing is returned
    // otherwise, a formatted error message is provided explaining
    // how to increase the strength of the password
    // (safe to show to the client)

What Entropy Value Should I Use?

It's up to you. That said, here is a graph that shows some common timings for different values, somewhere in the 50-70 range seems "reasonable".

brute force diagram

Keep in mind that attackers likely aren't just brute-forcing passwords, if you want protection against common passwords or PWNed passwords you'll need to do additional work. This library is lightweight, doesn't load large datasets, and doesn't contact external services.


1 year ago