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WIP. See issues.

Not a fork! This isn't a fork of edubart's minicoro [] but a wrapper built from the ground up with cross compatibility in mind. minocoro.v is a binding for minicoro in V with an aim for 100% parity with the C library.


Just do v install lazalong.minicoro

Example Program main.v:

    Example minicoro program.
module main

import lazalong.minicoro

[callconv: "fastcall"]
pub fn coro_entry(co &C.mco_coro) {
    println("  Coroutine 1")
    println("  Coroutine 2")

fn main () {
    println('Simple Minicoro Test')

    // First initialize a `desc` object through `mco_desc_init`.
    fct := voidptr(&coro_entry)
    mut desc := C.mco_desc_init(fct, 0)

    // Configure `desc` fields when needed (e.g. customize user_data or allocation functions).
    desc.user_data = voidptr(0)
    mut co := &minicoro.Coro{}

    // Call `mco_create` with the output coroutine pointer and `desc` pointer.
    mut res := C.mco_create(&co, &desc)
    assert res == minicoro.Result.success
    // println(res)

    // The coroutine should be now in suspended state.
    assert C.mco_status(co) == minicoro.State.suspended

    // Call `mco_resume` to start for the first time, switching to its context.
    res = C.mco_resume(co) // Should print "coroutine 1".
    assert res == minicoro.Result.success

    // We get back from coroutine context in suspended state
    // because the coro_entry method yields after the first print
    assert C.mco_status(co) == minicoro.State.suspended

    // Call `mco_resume` to resume for a second time.
    res = C.mco_resume(co) // Should print "coroutine 2".
    assert res == minicoro.Result.success

    // The coroutine finished and should be now dead.
    assert C.mco_status(co) == minicoro.State.dead

    // Call `mco_destroy` to destroy the coroutine.
    res = C.mco_destroy(co)
    assert res == minicoro.Result.success


  • Support most common minicoro.h functions
  • Support all minicoro.h functions
  • Support all minicoro.h types
  • Support all minicoro.h enums
  • Add in #defines
  • Fully complete minicoro.h wrapper
  • minicoro.c.v documentation
  • Simple Examples
  • Other examples
  • Windows support
  • iOS support
  • Android support
  • Linux support
  • Mac OS X support
  • WebAssembly support
  • Raspberry Pi support
  • RISC-V support
  • Add CI tests


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