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A V package that helps you to scrap web pages. It shows you a lot of information about the page.

V Programming Language

If you don't know about V please check this out


Use the package manager VPM to install VExpose.

v install joao2391.vexpose


After install the package:

import joao2391.vexpose

Return total of links in the html page

mut map_links := vexpose.get_links_from_url('url')

Return total of CSS files referenced in the html page

mut count_css := vexpose.count_css_from_url('url')

Return total of JS files referenced in the html page

mut count_js := vexpose.count_js_from_url('url')

Return total of Html Elements

mut count_html_elements := vexpose.count_html_elements_from_url('url')

Return total of META elements

mut count_meta_tags := vexpose.count_meta_from_url('url')

Return all the JS content

mut js_content := vexpose.get_jscontent_from_url('url')

Return all the CSS content

mut css_content :=  vexpose.get_css_content_from_url('url')

Return all the CSS references

mut css_reference :=  vexpose.get_css_ref_from_url('url')

Return the total of onclick events in all elements in the html

mut count_onclick_events := vexpose.count_js_events_from_url('url')

Return the total of Forms in html page

mut count_forms := vexpose.count_forms_from_url('url')

Return the Action and HttpMethod from Form

mut form_info := vexpose.get_form_info_from_url('url')

Return the size in Kb of the page

mut page_size := vexpose.get_page_size_from_url('url')

Return the onclick values

mut onclick_values := vexpose.get_onclick_values_from_url('url')

Return the JSON with the amount of info found

mut report := vexpose.generate_report('url')

Return True/False

mut has_ajax_calls := vexpose.has_ajax_calls_in_url('url')


Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.

Please make sure to update tests as appropriate.




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