(X)ChaCha20 and Poly1305 in V Language (RFC 8439)

This module implements algorithms specified in rfc:

  1. ChaCha20 stream cipher encryption algorithm, based on
  2. eXtended Chacha20 (XChaCha20) construction as specified in
  3. Poly1305 cryptographic message authentication code, and,
  4. Authenticated Encryption with Associated Data (AEAD) construction using (x)chacha20 and poly1305 library provided

Its references based on RFC 8439 at and inspired mostly by python version at


git clone

Run the tests

cd vodcha
v -stats test .

Install from vpm

v install blackshirt.vodcha

and then import in your module import blackshirt.vodcha

This module only exports a few high level function/methods for AEAD construction using chacha20 (xchacha20) stream cipher and Poly1305 MAC primitives, and several convenient function/methods to make life easier.


import blackshirt.vodcha

fn main() {
    // provides with 32 bytes random key, or generates one
    key := vodcha.random_key() or {return}

    // provides nonce with specific size, 
    // allowed nonce size was 12 for chacha20 and 24 for xchacha20
    // or generates one using `random_nonce(size)
    nonce := vodcha.random_nonce(24) or {return}
    // create chacha20/xchacha20 stream cipher 
    mut cipher := vodcha.new_cipher(key, nonce) or {return}
    //provides arbitrary-length additional authenticated data
    aad := 'test data'.bytes()

    // input message to encrypt and authenticated
    input := 'vodcha was an aead-xchacha20-poly1305 library in vlang'.bytes()
    // do encrypt and gets encrypted text and authenticated tag
    ciphertext, tag := cipher.aead_encrypt_and_build_tag(aad, input) or {return}
    // or using normal function operation
    //ciphertext, tag := vodcha.encrypt_and_build_tag(aad, key, nonce, input) or {return}
    println("Ciphertext: $ciphertext.bytestr()")
    println("Tag: $tag.bytestr()")
    original_msg := cipher.aead_decrypt_and_verify_tag(aad, ciphertext, tag) or { return }
    //or using normal function based operation
    //original_msg := vodcha.decrypt_and_verify_tag(aad, key, nonce, ciphertext, tag) or { return }
    println("Original msg: $input.bytestr()")
    println("Decrypted from ciphertext: $original_msg.bytestr()")


$ v run main.v 
Ciphertext: �I�}t;v��?U�O�gE�M�bq��\��H�        ��a--W��(-%�lh���,v1
Tag: U�hd��G�߭>)܇_
Original msg: vodcha was an aead-xchacha20-poly1305 library in vlang
Decrypted from ciphertext: vodcha was an aead-xchacha20-poly1305 library in vlang


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