this is a module for the V programming language that makes accessing system information (such as cpu, free memory, or disk usage) easy, as the standard v os module is lacking in these regards.

// v install Infinixius.sysinfo

import infinixius.sysinfo

// simple_sysinfo: SimpleSystemInfo{
//     cpu_count: 16
//     cpu_speed: 4679
//     cpu_temp: 85
//     cpu_usage: 6
//     memory_total: 15764628
//     memory_free: 766616
//     memory_available: 2654900
//     uptime: 4035

currently this module only works on linux! i might port it to windows and macos some day, or let someone in a pr do that. it isn't a priority at the moment

you should also note that this module is reliant on some specific files and executables being available. this shouldn't be a problem for most modern linux systems, but it is important to remember:

  • df
  • lscpu
  • ps
  • vmstat
  • /etc/os-release
  • /proc/loadavg
  • /proc/meminfo
  • /proc/stat
  • /proc/uptime
  • /sys/class/net
  • /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone*/temp


there is no actual documentation, refer to the source code if you don't know how something works

arch() string
cpu_count() int
cpu_model() string
cpu_speed() int
cpu_temp() int
cpu_usage() int
disk_usage() []Disk
loadavg() []f32
network_interfaces() []NetworkInterface
memory_total() int
memory_free() int
memory_available() int
processes() []Process
release() string
uname() os.Uname
uptime() int

get_system_info() SystemInfo
get_simple_system_info() SimpleSystemInfo


System information module for V

1 year ago